Hi, my name is Gagat

This blog is only part of the experience and lessons learned from work, where I was initially placed as a production supervisor and then my career increased to Operational Manager in factories with various industrial fields. With this blog, I want to share the theory I got in school and practical knowledge while at the factory.

What is here, does not absolutely have to be followed and become a reference. It could be that I didn’t understand what I was writing at that time, so what was conveyed might not be correct. Or if my understanding is different from yours, I will be open to input and criticism. The material I write here, I get from what I read, from the internet, forums, Project Specification, Training, International Standards or even from Text Books which are almost entirely in English.

As time goes by, I add all the problems that I have encountered, I hope I can put all of them into an article with the aim of increasing knowledge for all readers. If there is anything I can help you with, please contact me at contact me. Thank you, enjoy this blog.